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Rope-like soft 3-ply twisted cord approx. 3 mm thick, made with recycled textiles and plastics.

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Discover Anchor Crafty's innovative 3mm macrame cord range. Made with a focus on eco-consciousness, this cord utilizes recycled textile waste from factories, giving new life to discarded materials. Available in a stunning colour palette inspired by nature's vibrant hues. These captivating colours are achieved using vegetable-based dyes, further solidifying the brand's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

The 3-ply structure allows for effortless fraying, perfect for crafting those beautiful textured fringes that are a hallmark of macrame design. The composition of the yarn is 80% cotton/ 20% polyester and each ball is 250g / approx. 40m. Recommended hook size of 6-8mm.