Become Jolly Good Yarn stockist

Thanks for your interest in selling our eco-friendly yarns and accessories! We already work with a variety of shops and stall holders across the UK, as well the USA and Canada.

Why sell Jolly Good Yarn products?

  • High quality eco-friendly craft products - since launching in 2014, we've developed a gorgeous collection of eco-friendly yarns. These now include yarns made from recycled textiles, recycled plastic bottles, left-over wool and even the pulp of sustainably grown eucalyptus trees!
  • Adaptable & hassle-free - we're a small and friendly team and we'll help guide you through the process, be responsive to your queries, and avoid tangling you in red tape. You can place orders 24/7 via the Faire wholesale platform and we'll ship them to you in a matter of days.

Who is the programme open to?

You need to sell our products 'as is' - for example you couldn't use the wholesale pricing to buy yarns that are then used in your own creations. We are looking for partners who will promote our products in their stores and raise awareness of our eco-friendly yarn and craft brand. We're happy to work with both online-only and offline shops, and our minimum order value is aimed at being as inclusive as possible.

How do I learn more / sign-up?

Like many retailers, we use the Faire website to handle, track and manage all of our wholesale orders. They also offer a variety of incentives and promotions. Visit Faire or click on the banner below to apply for a trade account with us.