Loyalty Points

Knit and crochet your way to savings with our Jolly Good Yarn loyalty program. It's free to join and you can join at any time.

Here's how it works:

  • Earn points with every purchase
    For every £1 you spend on our fabulous eco-friendly yarns, you'll get 5 points (like 5% cashback!).

  • Redeem points for discounts
    Save those points up and use them whenever you want on future purchases. When you're ready, the system will automatically generate a money-off coupon for the value of your points.

  • Bonus points for joining
    Just for signing up, you'll get a head start with 200 points!

  • Follow us for more rewards
    Get an extra 100 points by following us on Instagram for sneak peeks at new yarns, project inspiration, and exclusive offers. Just follow the relevant link while joining the programme.

How do I join the loyalty programme?

We use a company called Smile.io to administer our programme, and you should see a small blue/green icon at the bottom left of your screen, called "Loyalty Points" (or a basket and heart icon) click this and follow the instructions to sign-up.


Image showing how to join loyalty points scheme