About Us

Jolly Good Yarn, based in Devon, is an online shop that specialises in selling recycled textile yarn. The idea behind creating the business came about when one of our founders was pregnant. She found herself spending many cold nights in front of the TV, keep herself entertained by crocheting a huge variety of projects, including a family beach bag ready for when summer returned!

We discovered that it was difficult to buy t-shirt yarn in the UK at a reasonable price. There were a few places online, but stock was limited and there wasn’t much choice in terms of colour or patterns. Buying it directly from the manufacturer’s sites (often abroad) was tricky and the postage tended to be very high. So, given that we’d fallen in love with t-shirt yarn, we decided to setup this online shop! Whilst it’s obviously a business, we also feel that we’re providing a useful service to our fellow Brits by making it much, much easier to buy t-shirt yarn online.

Our shop has grown beyond our wildest expectations. Having started small in 2014, we have now served over 13,000 customers. Over time, the business has developed a more eco-conscious attitude. This includes expanding our stock to include other recycled textile yarns, and to source most of our own branded accessories, locally. We re-stock the shop a couple of times a month. If you want to make sure you’re first in the queue, we recommend signing up to be notified when the product is back in stock. Just visit the product page and enter your email. Make sure you're also signed up to our newsletter, for promotions and new product updates.

We’re always happy to help you as well as to receive your feedback - you can reach our team via the contact us page. Happy crocheting & knitting everyone!