Hoooked Knitting & Crochet Book - 30 Fabulous Patterns

Hoooked Knitting & Crochet Book - 30 Fabulous Patterns

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ublished by Marie Claire, this new book contains 30 patterns for a variety of recycled textile yarns, including our favourite t-shirt yarn. A lot of the patterns can be adapted to use t-shirt yarn and the instructions are clearly displayed in this attractive 127 page paperback book.

All patterns include step-by-step instructions and explanation of the basic stitches, for advanced crochet fans there are added diagrams. Ideal for those who enjoy chunky crochet, knitting and macrame. Please note: Not all of the 30 patterns specifically use t-shirt yarn, however we feel with a little adjustment you can use your t-shirt yarn with the majority of the patterns as they are aimed specifically at chunky recycled yarn.

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