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Super chunky cotton crochet yarn, made from strips of remnant cotton.

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Hoooked Zpagetti is a popular brand of t-shirt yarn, also known as recycled fabric or jersey yarn. This chunky cotton yarn is made from recycled textile selvedges and remnants, primarily cotton with a small percentage of other textiles.

Zpagetti is a thick yarn, typically ranging from 8-10mm in width, which makes it ideal for creating chunky projects quickly. It's perfect for creating bulky and quick projects like poufs and cushions, floor rugs, storage and baskets, wall hangings and more. 

The recycled nature of the yarn can sometimes result in slight variations in thickness or colour within a single ball. This can add a unique, textured look to your projects. Because of its bulkiness, Zpagetti requires larger needles or hooks, typically in the range of 10-15mm.