What Is T-Shirt Yarn?

What Is T-Shirt Yarn?

T-shirt yarn (also known colloquially as jersey yarn, T-yarn and tarn) is a form of chunky yarn that’s made from recycled textiles that would otherwise be discarded from factories. The yarn we sell is sourced from various suppliers in Europe, including top names like Tek-Tek, Hoooked and Bobbiny. Due to its nature, the colour and patterns of available yarn depends on the fashion tastes at any one time, and knots and other imperfections can be found due to the yarn’s up-cycled nature.

You’ll love using t-shirt yarn as it’s soft, thick and easy to use, and can be used to create a wide range of things from decorations to clothes and mats.

How do I use or crochet t-shirt yarn?

If you’re experienced with crochet you should find working with t-shirt yarn easy. If not, there’s plenty of help out there to help you get started, such as our t-shirt yarn introduction video below!


Where can I buy t-shirt yarn?

If you’re in the UK you’ve found yourself in one of the best places to buy t-shirt yarn! Just head over to our shop and use the filters to find your perfect bobbin! If you prefer to buy through eBay, you can check out our eBay shop too.

What can I create with t-shirt yarn?

We’ve had plenty of amazing creations sent to us by our customers, they’re available on t-shirt yarn projects & inspiration page.