Collection: Bobbiny Braided & Macramé Cords

We stock all three of Bobbiny's popular macrame cord options, all made with 100% recycled textiles.

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As one of the original and longest-serving authorized Bobbiny stockists in the UK, we're proud to offer a diverse selection of their luxurious, recycled cotton macrame cords. For those seeking a bold, chunky aesthetic, explore our Bobbiny Premium collection – 5mm knit-braided cords crafted from 100% recycled cotton. For intricate details, our Bobbiny Junior collection offers 3mm single twist cords, also made from 100% recycled cotton.

You can also experience the delightful texture of Bobbiny's 3mm single twist macrame cord. This luxurious yarn features 56 individual fibres twisted into a single, strong cord, perfect for detailed projects. No matter your macrame style, Bobbiny has the eco-friendly cord to bring your vision to life.