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Soft 3mm braided cord, also known as "Junior", ideal for intricate macrame pieces and small projects.

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Embrace eco-conscious crafting with Bobbiny's 3mm knit-braided macrame cord. Made from 100% recycled cotton, this luxurious yarn offers the perfect blend of softness and strength. Their extensive colour palette, with both classic and special edition shades constantly being released, ensures you'll always find the perfect match for your project.

Also known as "Junior", this 3mm braided cord is a favourite for precise knotting, making it ideal for intricate macrame pieces and small, yet delightful, projects like keychains and coasters. Each skein contains approx. 100m of cord, and weighs around 250g. It works well with a 6-8mm crochet hook.

Sustainability is at the heart of Bobbiny's philosophy. This cord is crafted from spools of recycled thread, reclaimed from the textile industry. The thread is then shredded and spun into new, eco-friendly yarn. Furthermore, Bobbiny's cords are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they are rigorously tested and free from harmful substances.