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Upcycled yarn made of fabric offcuts from Turkish t-shirt factories and spun in to bobbins.

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Jersey Be Good yarn, from the company Wool and the Gang, is made from upcycled fabric offcuts, diverting waste from landfills and transforming it into a fun and functional yarn. It's perfect for anyone looking to explore new textures and add a touch of sustainable style to their projects. This type of bulky yarn is often referred to as t-shirt yarn in the UK, and 'jersey yarn' in North America. 

This unique yarn works up beautifully with stitches like garter, woven, and linen stitch, and excels in single and double crochet techniques. Its substantial nature makes it ideal for creating statement bags, trendy accessories, and other sculptural pieces that will turn heads. Be aware that colours can sell out quickly due to its popularity, and the shade, feel, and thickness can vary slightly depending on the recycled fabric used.